Astrology &
Human Design

For Quiet, Sensitive Humans

Magical Tools for the Modern World

In my work with my clients, I use both practical tools and magical tools. Most of these tools are, at their root, designed to get you back to your true self. It’s from that confident, calm, caring Self that you make the best life and work decisions.

Both Astrology & Human Design provide profound and deep insights into who you really are and how you can truly be fulfilled doing your work in the world.

Both these modalities are invitations to experiment with a deep system of wisdom. You’re not asked to simply believe what you’re told, but you’re invited to consider, contemplate, experiment so you embody the wisdom and are able to use it in your every day life.

Below is, Karen Curry Parker, my Quantum Human Design teacher, who explains this stuff better than anyone.

When it helps the most.

I take Human Design and Astrology and tailor it to, what I call, quiet sensitive humans. 

I think we’ve been left out of so many conversations because of our quiet ways. We’re not recognized because we’re talked over or advised to act more like our extroverted colleagues. 

If you are a quiet, sensitive human who has achieved so much, but feel blocked from achieving your true potential, then you’ve probably felt the private angst of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do about it. You’ve tried everything.

If you’ve been meditating, journaling, doing yoga, perfecting your morning routine, listening to podcasts, reading all the books, and there’s still something missing, I’d like to suggest looking into the process of Astrology & Human Design. 

It moves beyond the idea of one-size-fits-all. At its heart, it says that you don’t need to fix yourself because you are perfect the way you are. In fact, energy you spend fixing yourself takes you off path and burns you out.

If you’re ready to try something new that provides new, targeted insights and practical guidance for modern life, take a look at Astrology & Human Design.

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