Life Strategies
For Quiet, Sensitive Humans

As a quiet, sensitive human, have you been made to feel that you need to be different than who you are to be successful? Do you have a constant hum in the background that you need to fix yourself somehow? Have you been told you need to speak up more, stop being so sensitive, or you need to “participate” more?

This messaging makes us constantly feel like we need to be and do better. It’s like there’s this invisible standard that we need to live up to, that seems easy for others, but hard for us. How can we expect to succeed if we don’t do it their way?

It takes a lot of effort to be someone you’re not and to do things that don’t come naturally to you. This is a big contributor to burn-out. Most solutions to burn-out are to rest. Have you tried resting, but the burn-out always comes back? 

A blueprint to your quiet, sensitive nature.

Human Design says to lean into your quiet, sensitive nature, instead of away. It helps you find your own personal gifts and strengths and also teaches you how to value them, even when the culture doesn’t.

It’s a systematic way to let go of the expectations of our culture and our families so we can just be us. And be successful.

Human Design is sometimes called the “new astrology”.  Yet, it includes more than astrology, because embedded within it is the wisdom of the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakras.  

It’s a system where you learn to optimize the way you are designed, so you can have a more successful life. It can provide profound insights about you and your life.

Getting started.

It’s much like an Astrology reading in that you provide some information about you and a professional Human Design practitioner (me!) looks into your design and interprets it for you.

This is generally done as a consultation – in person, on the phone, or on Zoom. It all depends on you. It’s a conversation – together we seek insights and get answers to your burning questions.

What do you need?

For a consulation, you provide the same information you would provide for an Astrology consult, Three things:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Time of birth
  3. Place of birth

That’s it! I’ll do the rest.

A Foundational

To begin your Human Design journey, start with a Foundational Reading. For many, this is all you need. What you’ll get:

  •  A Human Design Bodygraph
  • Your Energy Type & Emotional Theme
  • The Decision-Making Strategy that works for you
  •  Your Profile – your role in life
  • Your Open and Defined Centers – where you’re designed to be wise; where you’re designed to have consistent energy

OR … we can do a discovery call

If you’re curious but unsure, or if you’d like to ensure your reading doesn’t duplicate what you already know, we can talk about it in a Discovery Call. These are 30 minute free calls, which you can book here

What you can expect.

Human Design is a vast and complex system. A Foundational Reading provides a ground floor of information, and you can go in many different directions after that. However, many are satisfied with their Foundational reading.

If you’re new to Human Design, no problem, we’ll get you started with insights that will help make your life a little easier, right away.

If you’re more advanced, we can see where you are on your journey and what specific questions you have. Either way, you’ll explore this in a way that supports your quiet, sensitive nature. Here’s what you get, in non-Human-Design-Language:

  • Your strategy for the big decisions in life
  • Gain insights about your unique purpose 
  • Learn what you need to have in place so that you can do your best work in the world
  • Gain clear guidance about  what’s been holding you back, so far
  • Gain insight into the blessings you’ll receive in life if you get unstuck.
  • Learn your unique way of staying motivated and on your path

Engage with your own natural wisdom

As with Astrology, clients often feel like they’ve had their lives explained to them by a complete stranger when they do a Human Design Consultation. It can be incredibly affirming because we all have a fundamental need to be seen and heard for who we really are. Often, it confirms things you know about yourself, but haven’t been validated or reflected back to you in real life.

Rooted in ancient wisdom, Human Design provides strategies for modern life. It provides guidance that is personalized to you. 

It helps you engage with your own natural wisdom in a way that brings more ease into your life. It also helps you turn knowledge into embodied wisdom that you can use.


I invite you to experiment. Is this helpful? Does it open things up for you?

In my years of doing this type of work, one of my learnings is that silver bullets don’t exist. But Human Design comes closer than most. It’s a system designed to provide detailed, customized insights. You can start experimenting with this new information right away.

Most of my clients are successful, smart, evolved women who have hit some sort of snag in life or their careers. They have done a lot of work on themselves, but there’s still something missing or not working and they need some support for a leg on their journey. 

If you’re a quiet, sensitive human, Human Design is a great system that validates and honors your way in the world and offers great guidance on how to be you and avoid burnout and that feeling of untapped potential.

Human Design (in addition to Astrology) can be that missing piece. In fact, it has been mind-blowingly helpful to me and to many of my clients.

If you’re struggling, feeling stuck or unmotivated, I highly recommend Human Design as a way to get you back on track.

One of best questions to ask is, “Is it helpful?” You don’t have to believe in it all or go on a deep dive for it to be helpful. We’re all just looking for ways to live that feel good to us. Human Design is a great tool to do this.

Shameless Plug: You might think nothing of spending $100 on a pair of shoes, or a night in a hotel, or a restaurant meal. So, why not spend $111 on Human Design, if it has the potential to help you feel better about yourself and about your life?


My Human Design Profile

I am a 2/4 Splenic Projector. Projectors are here to guide others. We are deeply perceptive and are able to tune into others and offer assistance. The way we optimize our help is by learning a system that we can share with others. The systems I have expertise in are: Astrology, Human Design (Quantum Human Design Specialist, Level 1), and I’ve adapted my coach training into a system I call Clear Pathway Careers.

Most importantly, I am a quiet, sensitive human for whom Human Design has been a revelation.

My teacher is Karen Curry Parker at Quantum Human Design. She has a lot of amazing information, especially on her YouTube channel. Check her out! She no longer does personalized readings, but is teaching others to do them with her deep wisdom, vast knowledge, and 20+ years in Human Design.