Life & Career Direction

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Life & Career Direction

Because sometimes a little magical guidance can get you back on track fast.

We all get lost and confused.

Sometimes in life you hit a crossroads in your career or in your life and don’t know which road to take. Other times, something unexpected happens and you feel a level of uncertainty you’ve never felt before. 

You might be fiercely independent and are known for untangling even the toughest life and career knots. But not this time. Or, you might even be tired of a familiar, worn-out pattern that keeps resurfacing at the most inopportune times.

When we hit these snags, we typically try our go-to strategies – like pushing forward (Just Do It!), or waiting for clarity (while making yet another Pros & Cons list), or surveying all our friends. Or, we just beat ourselves up. But, when these tried-and-true strategies don’t work, we can feel at a loss and even a little bit desperate. 

This is where Astrology (& Human Design) can help.

Astrology, while it might seem “way out there”, can provide much-needed insights and practical tips for navigating your way through the tough transitions in life. It’s been around for thousands of years, and may be one of the longest running human experiments, with the most structured feedback you’re likely to find.

At its essence, Astrology holds up a mirror to you and your life, and provides a map if you’ve lost your way.

While Astrology provides a map, Human Design provides a strategy for going forward that it is customized exactly to you.

Together, Astrology and Human Design can provide profound insights about your true gifts, your purpose, and what’s really been holding you back.

People seek support when they're in pain.

Often when people seek support, they’re in pain. It’s also when they’re feeling particularly desperate that they might try something new like Astrology. Luckily, Astrology (and Human Design can deliver new insights that create insights and relief.) 

Their angst is typically associated with being unable to create what they want in their lives or in their careers. So, they’re asking:

  • Why am I stuck?
  • Why am I lacking clarity?
  • Why can’t I build momentum?

If we divide life into Being and Doing, it’s our way of Being in the world that sets our direction. That’s what we mean by “aligned action”. We know who we are and take action that is aligned with who you are, what you want, and the clearest Pathway for you.

Your chart can provide different insights about who you are so you can gain a whole different level of self-acceptance. You can also learn that you’re not stuck, but that you’re going through a life-stage and you have to wait for the right timing.

By looking at these things, you create new meanings, which provide new ways forward. This is why we call it Life Direction.

How does it work?

A reading can be customized to where you are in life and in your career.

  • You fill in a short “Intake Form” where you tell me about your current situation so I can target the reading to what you need right now.
  • In the intake form, you must provide: your birth date, birth time, and the city in which you were born. If you are unable to provide this, please email me and we can see how we can proceed. Charts can be produced without a birth time, but the reading is modified.
  • Behind the scenes, I use this information to generate your report
  • I then use both ancient and modern methods to interpret your chart, including using timing techniques that help you understand what’s going on right now.

What you can expect from a reading

The first time I had an Astrology reading done, it blew my mind. I’m not promising that it will blow your mind, but it might!

  • You’ll see yourself in a way that validates the things you’ve always wondered about
  • Insight about your unique purpose and the unique gifts you’re meant to share with the world
  • Learn what you need to have in place so that you can do your best work in the world
  • You’ll learn your specific strategy for manifesting what you want
  • Gain clear insight into what has held you back
  • You’ll gain insight into the blessings you’ll receive in life if you get unstuck.
  • Learn your unique way of staying motivated and on your path
  • Transform information into embodied wisdom, so you can finally have the life you’ve been holding in your heart

1) Life Direction Consultation

If you’ve never had an Astrology consult, start here.

A Foundational Life Direction Reading Includes:

  • Your Natal Astrology Chart (Whole Sign)
  • The Big 3 (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign)
  • Your chart ruler
  • Your Lunar phase, natal and progressed
  • Purpose and Life Direction
  • Core Wounds
  • Where you find the most ease (and the most struggle)
This is a a 75 minute call that is more of a conversation than a one-sided lecture.  You also get an audio recording and a written report afterwards.
Note: Each consultation is customized so may include additional insights based on your chart.


2) Career Direction Consultation

Recommended: I highly recommend you start with a Life Direction Consultation.

A Career Direction Consultation includes:

  • What you need in place to create success in your career
  • The Ruler of your Career
  • Your Career Pathway
  • Do you have a talent to share or are you here to solve problems?
  • We look at money, visibility, day-to-day patterns
  • Included are any transits you’re experiencing as well as life-stage transits
This is also a 75 minute call that is more of a conversation than a one-sided lecture. It includes an audio recording and a written report as well.


3) Life + Career Direction

Do them together! Combine a Life Direction Consultation and a Career Direction Consultation. Two 75 minute consults.


Your reading will be customized to where you are in your journey as well as to your level of understanding of Astrology.

You don't have to have any experience with
Astrology or Human Design

OR … Book a Discovery Call:

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call to get more information and ask questions before you commit.

OR … Email Me:

If you’re a quiet, sensitive human (like me!), perhaps you prefer email to start the conversation. If so, feel free to email me at Together, we’ll determine which type of reading would be best for you.

Don't let technology get in the way of getting your reading. If anything goes awry, simply email me at and I'll set you up!

Required for all readings

In order to do a reading, please be ready to provide:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth (Accuracy is important – get it from your parents, a baby book, a long-form birth certificate)
  • The city in which you were born
natal chart