Break free from what's holding you back.

By Discovering

Your Secret Way

Do you have a career you're holding in your heart, but fear, uncertainty, and doubt are holding you back from going after it?

If you’re on a career path that you know is not right for you, yet seem to be unable to make a change, this course shows you how to break free so you can finally have the career you really want.

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You're in the right place if ...

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You have that feeling of untapped potential within you - like you could be doing so much more, if only you knew what.

You’ve paid our dues, worked your butt off and had success. But, something is getting in the way of you feeling truly fulfilled. 

You may also feel crispy around the edges, burned-out, unmotivated.

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You feel trapped in a cycle of working to pay your bills, and don't have much energy for the rest of life.

In the past when you’ve been at the crossroads of Money and Meaning, you’ve  chosen money (perhaps correctly – no judgement!). We all have to pay our bills, but couldn’t we have money and meaning? 


You fantacize about breaking free. You've tried "all the things" but nothing ever really changes, and you feel like you're settling.

It’s not for lack of trying. You’ve tried so many things, yet you still feel stuck and you don’t really know why. It seems easy for others, so why is it so hard for you?

Often, the reason we get stuck is invisible to us. Nothing has gone wrong. It's not your fault. It's how we humans work. But, you need access to your blueprint and your secret, invisible, hidden way so you can get unstuck and on your path.

What you need to know is that you have a unique blueprint, and you are hardwired to express that blueprint in your own unique way. You are here to be your true self and to make a difference in the world around you.

But if you don’t understand your blueprint, and you don’t understand what’s been getting in your way, it’s hard to move forward with confidence and clarity.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out. It’s already encoded in your life story. I want you to know that you can step into this story, without throwing away everything you’ve created so far.

You can now discover Your Life's Work using ancient tools that are designed for modern life. You can take the guesswork out of your search and get on track, saving yourself time, energy, and money. You can begin right away and start to feel better right away, knowing you're finally beginning the journey towards creating more meaning and purpose in your life and in your work.

This next career step might be a step up or step sideways in your current field of work; or, it could be a new business; or, it could be something less intense as you move into a new chapter. Maybe that's the problem, you're not sure. There are tried-and-true, powerful ways to imagine this next step and to bring it to life.
Get ready for shifts and breakthroughs you can't always get on our own. When a trained guide (me!) stands outside your life, and uses tools to help us see what's hidden up until now, things click and life starts to flow again.

Your best thinking got you this far (which is awesome, by the way). But, if what's worked in the past is no longer working for you, I can help you get aligned, get going, and on your path.

Hi, I'm Karen

Corporate escapee with a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing, Life Purpose Coach, Transformational Career Guide, Secret Way Finder, Astrologer, Quantum Human Design Specialist, 2/4 Projector, Equine Bodywork Practitioner, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Flower Photographer, Nature Lover, INFJ, HSP.

That was me. Always aching and yearning for work that would make a difference in the world, yet stuck and disappointed in myself.  On my journey to discover the career I’d been holding in my heart, I stumbled into all the potholes, made so many wrong turns, and tried so many things (see above list). Here’s the thing: I made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. 

I invite you to step onto the path that leads to the career you’re holding in your heart. It’s not too late. You’re not too old (or too young). You have what it takes. You’re ready!

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Through my offerings, you’ll finally break free from what’s been holding you back. You’ll become aligned with your true self and be able to set your direction with confidence and clarity. 

It’s all about doing it in a way that works for you – your secret way – a way that has remained hidden up until now.

You don’t have to settle. You don’t have to live a default life with a default career. You can make a move with confidence and clarity, once you tap into your own unique career blueprint and create a path forward using Your Secret Way.

If you’ve been in your career for some time now and it’s no longer lighting you up, you don’t have to settle. You can make a move to work that is more fulfilling and meaningful. What you need is your very own, unique blueprint to guide you. And you need to know Your Secret Way forward.

Don’t let fear, doubt, and uncertainty block you from going after upgrading or switching careers, launching your heart-based business, or believing you can make money being yourself and doing what you love. 

You absolutely can have that career when you discover your unique blueprint and your secret way forward.

The Framework

This is the framework that guides you. 

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The Process

While the framework contains the components of the work, The Process provides The Steps.



  • We all have stuff that gets in the way of us getting what we want. Some of these are conundrums that keep us stuck.
  • Instead of avoiding these conundrums, we look for them together, using kindness and compassion. We do it at a pace that is in tune with your nervous system so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Conundrum examples: I want meaningful work, but what I love won’t pay the bills. Or, I want to get on a big stage and share my work with the world, but I’m afraid of public speaking. Or, I have a big vision, but I don’t know where to begin.
  • Conundrums can leave us stuck and stressed because we can’t see a way through. When we get to the root of the root of your conundrums, things start to shift and you begin to see openings and ways forward.



  • You have a unique genius and a unique way of expressing that genius. 
  • My work in the world is to help you let go of patterns that hold you back from expressing your genius. 
  • So much of our genius is hidden from our view because, at a young age, we were made to feel that who we are isn’t quite right and how we do things isn’t quite right either. We lose “our way” and adopt the “right way” to be and do. That works for awhile, but eventually we feel lost and we don’t know why.
  • That’s why I talk about Your Secret Way – it’s Your Way, but it’s a secret you keep from yourself. Let that sink in.
  • Bringing your Secret Way into the light can feel like a homecoming. What seemed impossible starts to feel possible again.
  • You already have everything you need. It’s just hidden until we bring it into the light.



  • The portal to every next level is through the parts of yourself that you’d rather avoid. Bringing what you’d like to avoid into the light can help you break free to go after more meaning and more purpose.
  • Three main things can get in the way of moving toward your dream: 1) Small Dreams, 2) Comfort Zones and 3) the Caution Tape around your dreams.
  • Comfort zones can be refuges from a busy and confusing world. But, they can also become invisible prisons that cause us to settle for lives and work that are not ours. Like we’ve stopped at a rest stop on the way to our destination and decided to camp out there, never arriving at our true place in life.
  • As well, there is Caution Tape around that career you’re holding in your heart. The more important it is to you, the thicker the tape.
  • There are ways to break free of your Comfort Zone and break through your Caution Tape that doesn’t involve pushing and will power.

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Turn your yearning into a career filled with meaning and purpose.

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