A Career Guide for Quiet, Sensitive Humans

I am passionate about helping those of us who are quiet and sensitive, really honor ourselves so we can have the lives and work we really want. 

If you’re like me, you may have spent a lifetime being told you need to be different from who you really are – you need to speak up, you need to be louder, you need to get over yourself. That’s not true. Your success lies in valuing that quiet, sensitive part of yourself. When you do, things come into alignment. 

My talent is seeing the patterns and stories that hold you back from the life you yearn for. I understand how difficult it is to transcend those stories. But once we make them visible and deliberately replace them with more empowering stories , things begin to shift. You have less worry and anxiety, which frees up so much energy; you lean into the real you, instead of trying to be someone you’re not – which releases you from burn-out; and you naturally let go of self-sobotaging habits.

I love to use Astrology and Human Design to provide another perspective. These magical tools show us our true potential and create a path from where you are now to fulfilling that potential. They do so in awe-inspiring as well as real-world, grounded ways.

How I Help

My passion is helping women discover what they’re meant to do in their lives and in their work. I believe:

  • the more you can be yourself, the more satisfied you become
  • having a place in the world, where you are valued an honored creates well-being
  • we’re all on our own journeys of discovery, and we all have rough patches where we could use a little support
As a highly-sensitive woman, my sweet spot is helping other highly-sensitive woman navigate corporate careers or create new chapters for themselves.

Some things that make me, me.

  • I’m a quiet, highly-sensitive, intuitive person who is learning to embrace my quiet nature and see it as a strength. I felt ashamed of it for most of my life, so this is a new way of being.
  • I spent 25 years in the corporate world, working in marketing and brand strategy; 10 years in start-ups and being an entrepreneur
  • I have a BA in Psychology and and MBA in Marketing
  • I have found so much wisdom in Astrology and Human Design. I love to use these magical tools to help guide my clients.
  • While I love to deep-dive into magical tools, I am also highly practical. I use the mix of practical and magical to set goals and get you where you want to go.
  • I recently trained as an Equine Energy Healer; I’m also a Reiki Animal Practitioner.
  • I lived most of my llfe in Canada and now live in New jersey.
  • I love photography, paper crafting, horses, summer, books, flowers, nature … 
  • Getting my picture taken is hard for me. Can you tell? 🙂 

"We believe that each person has the key to their own right life within them, and our job as coaches is to help them access and act on that information, not offer advice about what we think they should do. We believe that we are not instructing or advising our clients, but helping them discover their true nature through a set of highly effective tools. They, they are able to lead their own lives to create happiness from within themselves."

Martha Beck

If you're feeling lost, I can help.

I know the challenges you might be up against. But, even better, I know how to guide you to your next step. I can save you time, money, and a whole lot of angst as you start a new chapter in your life and/or work.

I’ve been there, and I’ve been trained to help.

As an introvert and highly sensitive person, I’m at my best when I’m coaching 1:1. With 1:1 coaching you and I collaborate on a customized plan designed exactly for where you want to go. I use my sensitive nature to guide you in a way that works for you – I don’t push, cajole, or say insensitive things designed to shock you into action. We may discuss difficult things, but I take your (and my) sensitive nature into account and ensure that it’s helpful, rather than off-putting.

I use coaching tools, life design strategies, astrology, human design, and energy work to provide you with everything you need to feel like yourself again so you can find your right place in the world.

I bring all my training, experience, and passion to guide others to meaningful futures together in service to you and to your dream for the future.


"Karen is wise, caring and intuitive. Her coaching brought clarity each time we talked. I encourage anyone who wants to explore their “self” to work with Karen."
~ Karen
Columbus, Ohio
"I felt stuck in my career for a very long time. Looking back, I realize that fear and anxiety were my guides, which kept my life and my career pretty small. Through my work with Karen, I learned how to reframe how I see things in the world. I've also learned a lot about anxiety and now have the tools to manage and move forward with an unbelievable amount of ease. I'm re-imagining my future and for the first time in a long time I feel so good about what is to come.
~ Cindy
Haddonfield, New Jersey
Karen Harbin has changed my life. That’s a dramatic statement but true. When I first started working with Karen I was in pursuit of my ‘dream job’. I have been searching for that job for literally 30 years. 30 years! That’s a really long time. My journey has had me spend many many years doing work that paid my bills but didn’t light me up. I believed that I could never make money doing work I loved. That was just one of my limiting beliefs. Karen has helped me uncover why I gravitate to the jobs I do, and she’s helped me ‘untangle’ some of the thoughts that keep rolling around in my head, that inevitably lead me to yet another unfulfilling job. I feel so much more prepared to find a job that might not be a perfect fit, but will lead me a more fulfilling direction. Since working with Karen I feel empowered to make better decisions going forward vs repeating the same decisions that held me back. If you’re looking for someone to help you make sense of a next step whether that’s personal or professional, I highly recommend working with Karen.
~ Heather
Ottawa, Ontario
"After a decade of feeling stuck, Karen helped me to start believing in myself again and dream about what is possible for my life. Our weekly calls kept me motivated, focused and accountable. I’ve now got a non-profit job that I never imagined possible and I use the tools she taught me almost every day. I can’t wait to continue working with Karen on the rest of my goals!"
Toronto, Ontario