Why might you want Inner Peace?

And how the heck do you get it?

First, What Exactly is Inner Peace?

Sometimes words are used so often that they lose all meaning. Among these are “Inner Peace” and “Peace of Mind”. Plus, they are so generic that they can be co-opted for pretty much anything.

For example, when I was marketing home security systems, back in the day, we 
“sold” “peace of mind”. It always annoyed me because it felt so generic.

For the purposes of this discussion, “Inner Peace” or “Peace of Mind” mean that you’re not constantly anxious, your mind isn’t racing around with your body randomly following, and you have regular access to your calm, confident, compassionate, caring, curious Self.

Sounds great, but I don't have time for that.

Somehow we have gotten the idea that Inner Peace is a destination, and we don’t have time for the journey. At some far-off point on this journey, you cross that “Inner Peace” finish line and live forever more chasing butterflies in a meadow.

Or, we’ve tried many things like meditation and they take a big time commitment, and that’s just not realistic right now. 

Or, ultimately, we believe that it’s not possible for us to have this. We’ve malfunctioned somehow. It’s possible for others, but not for us. We’ve tried! Believe me, we’ve tried! 

Our culture values bizzy, not peace.

Our puritan culture values “bizzy” over peace. If you say, “I’m so bizzy (my word for bragging about being busy),” people are intrigued and engaged. If you were to say, “I’m so peaceful,” what reaction do you think you might get?

Maybe a blank stare? Maybe an uncomfortable silence before someone changes the topic. It’s not popular to be peaceful. It might even be considered boring.

But, if you, like me, have been left ravaged by anxiety, stress, worry, depression (for starters) you begin to long for some sort of peace. 

(At one point on my journey, I prayed for my life to be boring. When it got boring, I realized I got it wrong. I should have been praying for inner peace.)

It's not attainable for me.

Yet, so many of us believe it’s not attainable for us. We’ve always been this way, or we’re in a high-stress time of our lives and there’s no comfort any time soon.

I also believe that we’ve been knocked off course by so much praise for meditation. As if meditation was the only way to peace and enlightenment. With so many of us struggling to meditate, it makes you believe that having a peaceful inner world, isn’t in the cards for you.

Don’t believe it. Meditation is definitely a way, but it’s not the only way.

There are many paths to Inner Peace, but they key is to find your path.

There are many ways to find your own inner Inner Peace. There are simple tools and there are complex tools. Many of these tools are very accessible and easy to learn. After a bit of guidance, you find yourself doing them on your own.

Typically, how it might work, is you start to work with a therapist or coach and you bring a stressful event to your weekly appointment. You spend the hour using a tool to reduce your stress. In subsequent appointments, you repeat the process, perhaps learning other tools and ways. Most often, you walk away feeling much more peaceful and then life interferes and your ramp back up.

Eventually, you find yourself in feeling anxious or stressed and a tool comes to mind and you use it on yourself. Then, you get on with your day.

It's possible to find peace within you.

If you really want to, you can find your way to Inner Peace. It’s easier than you think. And, it’s also harder than you expected, but probably not in the way you expect it to be hard. It’s hard because you have to show up for one hour a week and work on it. One hour! 

One hour can make all the difference. You just have to make the commitment or you need to get so done with your anxiety, stress, and worry that you become willing to try anything. 

Either way, all you have to do is begin. Beginning is the hardest part. Once you start, you get relief, and it becomes easier to keep going.

One way to begin is with a Discovery Call (or email – kharbin500@gmail.com). I have a one-month program for you to test out some tools. I’d be so happy to help. I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like. 

Why might you want inner peace?