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Practical Ways to Take Charge of your Career

Create the Career You Want

If you want to skip the magic and go right to the practical, I am a Martha Beck trained coach, and have many ways to help you navigate career challenges. I have three packages: 1) Career Transitions – Make Your Move; 2) Career Mentoring – In Your Corner, and 3) Reduce Stress & Anxiety – Less Stress, More Confidence.

When you work 1:1, even if it’s just for a specific leg of your journey, you can really get to the heart of the matter, create shifts, get unstuck, and get going again.

We use my coaching framework to create a “You Are Here” placeholder, and then customize your journey from there.

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I believe that successful people aren’t perfect, they’re self-aware. And because they’re self-aware, they’re also up-to-speed on the people and environment around them, making them valuable team members and leaders.

They navigate change with grace. People can count on them. They’re the ones that make a real difference. If you’re reading this, you are probably already very much this person, but your intuition is telling you that there’s something you can’t see on your own. 

Working 1:1, even for a short while can be a game-changer. You build on who you are and your strengths and move away from self-sabotage to build a reputation and a career you’re proud of.

I offer a safe, private container for growth. I’m not harsh or pushy or insensitive. I tune into your pace and honor who you are as a quiet, sensitive person. My goal is that our work together is an oasis, or a retreat where you can regroup, get aligned, and feel like yourself again.

Career Transitions - Make Your Move

There are 3 main times when it’s a good idea to take a beat before you act:

  • When you want to start something new
  • When you want to go to the next level
  • When what you’re doing isn’t working anymore

Research tells us that if you’re moving away from what you don’t want, you’re more likely  to use a lot of energy, time, money, and only end up making a lateral move, 

But, if you spend the time getting clear about what you really want, uncover what’s holding you back, then make a plan to go after it, you’re more likely to end up more fulfilled, more aligned, and more happy.

I also see a lot of people get frustrated and leap! It’s natural for us to overestimate how bad our current situation is and underestimate how hard a transition can be. This can lead to a lot of stress! That’s why I suggest taking a beat and deciding versus leaping out of frustration.

In this coaching program, we value insights over information, turning towards vs turning away, and using kindness over self-criticism to propel us forward. You let go of self-sabotaging ways and really embrace what you, uniquely, bring to the table.

Career Mentoring - In Your Corner

Career mentoring is for those times in your career when you don’t know where to turn and feel very alone in your career struggles. There were many times in my corporate career when I could have used someone in my corner, whose agenda was my success. Times like:

  • dealing with a crappy boss
  • learning to manage unmanageable team members
  • when you’ve been overlooked for a promotion, again
  • when you’re a new leader
  • when you’re feeling like an outsider, suddenly
  • When your abilities and judgement are being questioned
Often what you need is a fresh perspective, a reminder of your true strengths, a way to advocate for yourself (especially true for us quiet, sensitive humans), and some new strategies.
In this coaching program, we get you back on track, leaning in to your essence and your strengths. and moving away from burn-out and that feeling of untapped potential.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety - Less Stress, More Confidence

in this program, we are laser focused on reducing stress and anxiety at work and in your life. Each week we dive right into what’s stressing you out, and week-by-week, we loosen the hold stress and anxiety have on you.

We start with a specific type of coaching. We’re not setting goals, or unearthing your strengths or weaknesses. We are focused on thought-work and creating shifts that bring you immediate relief and freedom from patterns that have kept you stuck and stressed.

If you want to soundboard or talk through things, this is not the package for you. If you want to learn practical tools and get right to work each week, upgrading your self and your career, this is for you. The tools we will be starting with include:

  • ACT – Acceptance, Commitment Training
  • The Work
  • Tapping
  • CBT  Modeling (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Parts Work

If you’re curious about the power of thought-work, and how it can create shifts for you, this is a great place to start. 

This is an opportunity to use the power of thought-work (not positive thinking or mindset!) to uplevel your work and your life.

Because we are multi-layered beings, this is not “one and done”. The process can be as long as you want – I recommend three months to start. Keep in mind, you can do this work for a lifetime and still create shifts in your life.

A note for Quiet, Sensitive Humans: As a quiet, sensitive human myself, I use these tools in a thoughtful, sensitive manner. I don’t force you into anything. I don’t rush. I use my sensitivity to guide you in a way that is most helpful to you. My clients who do this work regularly, have their lives and careers open up in ways they never thought possible.

Guidance & Coaching Offerings

First Month

  • Four Weekly 1:1 Voice-to-Voice Sessions
  • One Hour per Session
  • Free short, targeted video courses to learn tools and get you started
  • Coaching, using the tools
  • Email and/or Voxer support between calls.


Second Month

  • Two 1:1 Voice-to-Voice Sessions per month
  • Every second week
  •  I coach you using the tools; you begin to use them on yourself, gaining independence and confidence
  • Email and Voxer support between calls


Third Month

  • Two 1:1 Voice-to-Voice Sessions per month
  • Every second week
  •  I coach you using the tools; you begin to use them on yourself, gaining independence and confidence
  • Email and Voxer support between calls


Note: Pricing is the same for all my guidance and coaching offerings. It’s $499 to get you up and running and $199 per month after that, if you choose to continue. (You can also continue weekly if you wish at the $499 rate.)

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