Your Chiron Wound

Knowing your wound helps you find a cure.

Why you might want to look at Chiron in Your Chart

In Astrology, Chiron represents your deepest wound and your efforts to heal that wound.

Chiron, in mythology, was the centaur. He was wounded in battle and set out to heal those wounds, but was never able to. Without being able to heal himself, he turned his attention to others, using all he’d learned on his own healing journey, and used his wisdom and what he had learned, to help others. 

So, when we look at Chiron in our own charts, it represents where we can eventually become wise because of our own, deep wounds.

Natal Placement of Chiron

Your natal chart is your chart when you were born. The cosmos imprinted a promise upon you, showing your true potential in life. Your chart shows all the details of that potential. It also shows how you will likely struggle in life, and Chiron is one of those places we may struggle.

Each of us has an individualized Chiron placement in our Natal Charts – it falls into an astrological sign (e.g. Aries) and it also falls into an astrological house (e.g. the 7th House of Relationships). So, we have Chiron and what it represents (the “what”); the sign, which represents the “how”; and the house, representing which area of life where the energy will play out.

So, you might have a friend and you both have Chiron in Aries (impulsive, quick starting, initiative, courage, rushing), but you might have it in the life area of your career and they may have it their 1:1 relationships. It manifests differently and plays out differently in each of your lives, creating a different struggle.

Chiron shows you how you can become whole.

The good news is that Chiron can show you how to become whole. You may begin with a low expression of this energy, but as you grow and transform, you can begin to experience a high expression of it. 

Your wound will likely be something from childhood. It will be about some way of being that you were told was unacceptable.  A lot of the time, because this is so painful, and creates shame in us, we push it deep into our unconscious. It’s not gone, it’s just operating beneath your conscious awareness.

This all might sound a little dire, but the good news is that where Chiron shows up in your chart can indicate where you might have a secret power. It doesn’t come easily; however. It’s a power that comes from understanding your original wound. You have to turn towards that wound, heal it, and then have access to a deep understanding that you can share with other.

Chiron helps you find the cure for your pain.

All of us experience pain in life. Plus, we all have recurring pain or challenges in certain areas of life, with some having relationship issues, others having money issues. Looking at your Natal Chart can shed light on this and transform your pain into insight, relief, freedom, and wisdom.

Why is this important? Because we, especially women, are so quick to blame and shame ourselves when things aren’t going according to plan. Our strategies to move beyond the pain is to push it aside or to feel guilt or shame for it. We make it mean something about our very being.

When you do look at your Chiron, a lightbulb can go on over your head, and you realize it’s not your fault. With awareness, you don’t feel compelled to hide or feel shame, you feel more inclined to turn towards that wound and be curious about it. It is this way that you access its power.

Your Chiron Return

If you don’t turn towards your Chiron wound during your life and do the work of healing it, life does it for you. By that I mean, that around 50 (timing depends on your chart), Chiron becomes front and center in your life cirriculum. This is your Chiron Return.

It’s like it’s exam time, and if you didn’t study, you’re about to get a crash course in your Chiron wound. It’ll show up in a way that you can’t brush off, so you have to face it in such a way that by the end of your Return, you’ve hopefully aced that exam.

Seeing Chiron in your chart and how it works for you can save you time and energy by telling you what’s going on. Otherwise, it can feel like a bumpy journey, where you aren’t sure what’s up or what to do.

Overcoming resistance.

As humans, we have a deep fear of looking at these wounds. However, if you do it with curiosity and gentless, and just a bit at a time, it’s very doable.

Consider this an invitation to look at Chiron in your chart. The insights it provides might make you breathe a little easier as you lift the burden from your shoulders. This happens when you begin to work with your Chiron, instead of against it.

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Why you might want to look at Chiron in your chart.