My Offerings

Life & Career Direction

Three ways to work with me.

When I first started my business, I only offered coaching. More recently, I’ve done trainings in Astrology, Human Design. So, now I am offering three ways to work with me:

  1. Astrology and Human Design
  2. Career Guidance and Mentoring using Coaching tools
  3. DIY Career Coaching through On-Line Courses  

My work in the world is still about peeling away the layers of society’s expectations, so we can feel our own, true natures. From there, we can the vital lives we always knew were within us and develop careers that really work for us.

Three Offerings

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Quiet, Sensitive Humans

I’ve also shifted from helping midlife women to helping quiet, sensitive humans. This is because midlife was a recent wound that I needed to heal. Building my business on a wound simply doesn’t feel right anymore.

Being quiet and sensitive is a big part of who I am. It’s not a wound that needs to heal or something to fix. However, until recently I felt a lot of shame for being quiet and sensitive (without even being aware of all my shame around it!) 

I believe that quiet, sensitive humans are needed more than ever right now. Going into the future, they will become even more valuable. There’s no better time than to embrace our true natures and take our place in the world.

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