Magical & Practical Ways

An Overview of My Offerings

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Getting started can be the hardest part for many of us. I think this can be especially true for us sensitive humans. For that reason, I try to make it easier to get started by offering several different ways to work with me.

I’ve divided it into Magical & Practical Ways, with Astrology and Human Design as the magical ways, and Coaching as the practical way. Most recently, I’ve been inspired to add on-line courses to my offerings as a way to do your work at your own pace.

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Magical Ways

The Magical Ways that I use to get you back on track are Astrology and Human Design

Astrology & Human Design Consultations

What’s my purpose? What am i supposed to be doing with my life? Why do I feel so stuck? Why can’t I get clarity? Why can’t I build momentum?

These are the most-asked questions I get. My three Astrology and Human Design offerings are designed to help you answer these questions.

I use both modern and ancient tools to provide you with insights, information, and actionable steps forward.  If you’re new to astrology, I recommend you start with Life Direction. If you are more experienced with Astrology, you can use the intake form to help guide our consultation so it’s customized to what you need. Or, begin with Human Design. Of course, I recommend all three! 

I offer two different types of consultations: Life Direction & Career Direction. In “Life Direction” you gained a clearer picture of you and your path in life. In Career Direction, we build on that and explore your work in the world.

We each have a unique  pathway in life and work, and discovering your pathways can lead to more ease, purpose, and satisfaction.

You can also see yourself in a new way that creates shifts that help you get unstuck. 

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In this Human Design Foundational Consultation, we dive into strategies. Human Design says, we’re not meant to “figure it out” in our heads. We’re meant to follow our strategy and our own decision-making authority, and this will lead us where we need to go.

Discovering your Human Design can really shift everything so you see yourself in a profoundly different way, and you immediately learn strategies that can work for your specific type.

This is a stand-alone foundational reading, or you can combine it with your Astrology reading for even greater insights.

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Practical Ways

Guidance & Coaching

If you want to skip the magic and go right to the practical, I am a Martha Beck trained coach, and have many ways to help you navigate career challenges. I have three packages: 

1) Career Transitions – Make Your Move; 

2) Career Mentoring – In Your Corner, and 

3) Reduce Stress & Anxiety – Less Stress, More Perspective.

We use my coaching framework (below) to create a “You Are Here” placeholder, and then customize your journey from there.

When you work 1:1, even if it’s just for a specific leg of your journey, you can really get to the heart of the matter, create shifts, get unstuck, and get going again.

I specialize in getting you started. My coaching packages are usually four sessions designed to set you free. By that I mean, you get pointed in the right direction, take your brakes off, and get going. 

You can stop there or sign up for additional sessions. To get started … 

On-Line Courses

Are you a DIYer, like me? Do you like to go at your own pace with space to figure things out on your own? Does your sensitivity make 1:1 work feel like it might be too much?

If so, my Online Courses may be for you. These courses use my coaching framework to break things down and help you gain clarity and create shifts for yourself.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 3.27.59 PM

My courses really get to the heart of the matter of why you may be stuck, stressed, or feeling untapped potential in your career.

Benefits of courses is that they are targeted, self-paced, and cost-effective. You can also use them in conjunction with coaching, if you get stuck or need support. Or, if you know you need support, but don’t know where to begin when working 1:1 with me or anyone else, my courses are a great place to start.

A Mix of Magical and Practical

Free Content

Head over to my blog where I share everything I can, in the form of information. I’m revamping the format, so bear with me as I make it easier to navigate. Also, soon, I’ll also have free videos available. Stay tuned!