Get Started

An Overview of My Offerings

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Getting started can be the hardest part for many of us. I try to make it easier by offering several different ways to work with me.

I offer both magical and practical ways to move forward. I have found Astrology and Human Design to be game changers for me and my clients, and I invite you to explore them if they call to you. If not, that’s ok too. We can use practical tools to get you out of stress, overwhelm, and discouragement so you can do what you came here to do.

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Mini Courses

DIY it. Your pace. Your time. Your privacy.

My On-line courses help you break free from patterns and age-old fears that have kept you from thriving and fulfilling your potential. 

These courses are designed to be short, easily digestible, and filled with insights to help get you unstuck and moving forward.

They are perfect if you’re a DIYer (like me!).  You can go at your own pace and connect with me if you have questions.

The other great thing about courses is that they can help you identify where you might need extra help. This saves time, energy and money.


Astrology + Human Design

I provide Astrology & Human Design readings. I focus on two main areas: 1) You + Your Secret Way, 2) Your Life’s Work and Career.

These sessions are 75-minute readings and include topics like: your purpose, your genius, your ideal career pathway. The focus is on discovering what pathway to lean into, as well as where you may be getting tripped up.

Your reading is customized to you and where you are in your Astrology/Human Design journey as well as to your answers to intake questions. Combining Astrology & Human Design can provide profound, game-changing insights.

Ancient wisdom for modern life.

Transformational Guidance

Using little-known tools and exercises, I help you lean into your Genius and your own Secret Way so you can find more meaning and purpose in your life and in your work. You break free from what’s been holding you back and start doing the things with clarity and confidence and no longer feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

When you work 1:1, even if it’s just for a specific leg of your journey, you can really get to the heart of the matter, create shifts, get unstuck, and get going again.

This work helps you deeply know what you want, gives you clear visibility on what’s been blocking you, up until now. And we explore your very own Secret Way forward.

These are 1:1 sessions are for you if you want to dive right in and receive game-changing magical and practical guidance on your purpose, life’s work, vocation, and life legacy.

The Framework


I specialize in getting you started. When you work with me, you get pointed in the right direction, take your brakes off, and get going.