Clear Pathway Healing

Energy Healing for Animals

Energy healing is a simple, yet profound way to support the well-being of your horse or pet.

It can help when there's something obviously wrong (an injury, illness or stressed behavior) as well as when you're not sure what's up.

energy healing for animals

Hi, I’m Karen

I’m an Animal Energy Healer who helps animals find relief from pain and discomfort.

As a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Healing Practitioner, I am trained to create a path of healing for your horse or pet.

I do in-person healings on horses and other equines near my home in Southern New Jersey. I also do distance healings on dogs, cats and other pets.

My intention is to support you, the human, as well as your animal friend. I know how stressful it can be when your loved one isn't at their best.

Why energy healing?

Although Energy Healing is commonly used on humans, it can also be very effective with animals. Animals are very sensitive to energy and enjoy receiving healing energy and are very receptive to receiving support. An animal’s feelings of well-being can show incredible improvement with a single session.

Energy Healing helps build and maintain health on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. 

It is a simple, yet profound modality that not only promotes health, but also strengthens the connection between you and your horse or pet. 

Energy healing is non-invasive complement to your existing vet care.

How does it work?

Energy work is based on the same principles as acupuncture, which recognizes that we have physical and energy bodies.

When an energy healer is performing a healing session, the energy that emanates from their hands produces a significantly larger bio-magnetic reading (7-10Hz – Theta and Alpha range) than a non-practitioner. These frequencies are associated with physical healing.

There are countless case studies verifying the effects of, for example, Reiki energy session.


Energy healing for animals helps relieve physical and emotional issues. It can address chronic pain, injuries/wounds, and illness. Animals recover more quickly, heal more fully. Even chronic issues can be resolved.

Contentment, relaxation, decreased feelings of stress, fear, anxiety, are common observations after a healing session. We also see the reduction or elimination of persistent conditions after one or more sessions. 

Sometimes single sessions produce immediate relief, while at other times multiple sessions provide steady improvement. There is no fixed formula or plan. Between the three of us, we decide on next steps, based on the results we see.


Distance Healing

Because it is energy healing, distance healing sessions are possible. Energy can be sent across a room or to another part of the world. 

Typically, I do equine healing sessions in person, and other pets remotely. The in-person sessions allow me to create a connection with you and your horse. I am also able to observe in-person to gain a better understanding of the health issue.

With smaller animals, remote sessions are ideal. This allows your dog or cat to be comfortable in your home with you. There’s no need to crate or confine them and cause more stress at a time when they are already uncomfortable.

Book a Healing Session

If you would like to book a healing session for your horse or pet, please email me at  We’ll find a time and I’ll send you “What to Expect During a Healing Session”.  

In-person sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes. Distance sessions are typically 30 to 45 minutes.

The cost is $50 per session until October 31, 2021. Although I’ve been training and doing healing sessions for about five years, this is the beginning of my journey as a professional animal healer. My current prices reflect this. 

For Horses, Dogs, and Cats.

Energy healing is a profound way for you the support your friend during a health challenge. It supports you both and creates a stronger connection between you.

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